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  • Tjondro, Johannes Adhijoso; Buen, Sian; Sidauruk, Riani; Rizkiani, Sisi Nova (Indonesia Society of Civil and Structural Engineering (HAKI), 2013)
    The reinforced concrete beam and slab which was made from recycles concrete aggregates with different percentage of recycled and natural aggregates was investigated. The nine reinforced concrete beam specimens was made ...
  • Maurina, Anastasia; Prastyatama, Budianastas; Carissa; Sagara, Altho; Rizkiani, Sisi Nova; Buen, Sian; Jung, Eun Shin (Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, 2017)
    The urban expansion effects on the physical-spatial density of “new urban” areas, called urbanizing rural, which in its constructions mostly used the “urban” conventional materials. These materials usually have to be ...
  • Rizkiani, Sisi Nova; Saputra, James; Tjondro, Johannes Adhijoso (Universitas Sriwijaya, 2017)
    The appearance of micro cracks in the mortar aggregate interface is responsible for the inherent weakness of plain concrete. The weakness can be reduced by expected to be micro reinforcement randomly spread in the mixture. ...
  • Buen, Sian; Tjondro, Johannes Adhijoso; Rizkiani, Sisi Nova (Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering UNPAR, 2013)
    Recycled concrete can be used as coarse and fine aggregates in replacing natural aggregates. The aim of this study is to know the mechanical properties of concrete using recycled concrete as coarse and fine aggregates. In ...


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